The IAPPA was created to establish uniform standards for Close Protection Agents. Even today, training in personal protection is considered the supreme discipline in the security industry. The quality of the training ranges from very good to unbelievably bad worldwide. Many contents in so-called academies do not correspond to reality and often serve as advertising measures and adventure vacations so that the often completely exaggerated training fees are justified. Very often this has little to do with personal protection, because the reality often looks different than it is suggested to the participants.
The certified and accredited training centers of our members and partners train according to the internationally valid standards for personal- and escort protection, which have been in force since 1989 and are constantly being modified. We adapt to the changes in the world, because standing still means falling behind. 

Today, more than 30 years after our foundation, we offer a wide range of education, training and education for security forces worldwide. Our members are experts in what they do and use their knowledge to ensure high quality training. 

If you are looking for a certified academy or a certified instructor, please contact our office and we will put you in touch with a suitable contact. If you run an academy or are a trainer yourself, we would be pleased about your interest in a membership.  

In our online Academy you will find a variety of interesting training courses that can help you advance professionally and provide you with knowledge, because only in this way you can always do a good job.

Certified Corporate Security Manager - CCSeM®

Corporate Security is an important part of businesses today. In addition to the criminal aspects in corporate security, business continuity and crisis and emergency management also play a crucial role. In the context of globalization, the requirements for travel security, for example, and the protection of foreign company headquarters must also be constantly updated and modified.    

Corporate security officers are expected not only to be able to work under pressure, be critical, assertive and proactive, but also to have a high level of knowledge, expertise and leadership experience. 

The CCSeM® certification takes place exclusively at IAPPA and is internationally unique. Appointments are available at selected locations with IAPPA certified instructors.

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