Private Executive Protection Certification

Our certificates for your career success!

The Private Executive Protection Agent (PEPA) program is a groundbreaking initiative developed by the International Association of Personal Protection Agents (IAPPA) based on over 30 years of experience and expertise in international personal protection.

What Is Special About The PEPA Program?

Most programs for close protection certification (whether they are called VIP Protection, Executive Protection or Bodyguard Training) focus either on training only (at different quality levels) without considering someone’s previous experience, or they are based exclusively on close protection methods taught in the police or in the military.

On the other hand, many individuals leave the police force or the military without any certification of what they can really do. Even if their experience is not 100% transferable to civilian life. Others have an impressive career and know exactly how to do their jobs, but have never been able to prove their training, as it was not properly recognized.

The PEPA certification program was developed by professionals with countless years of experience in both private and official close protection and know how different both are. Besides, IAPPA has never certified agents only based on training. Real-life experience is a key factor for anyone to receive the IAPPA quality seal. 

This process is now accessible worldwide to recognize your knowledge and experience and get you ready for a successful career in private executive protection.

How Does It Work?

If you believe you fulfill the requirements for executive protection certification, you can apply with your supporting documentation on the bottom of this page.  

Each application is reviewed by the IAPPA certification body before anyone is accepted into the program. If there is a need for any further documentation or explanation, you will be contacted directly. If you are accepted, you will receive access to your learning area. There, you will take an online course to review all important principles of private close protection, to ensure you are familiar with the IAPPA standards, and to instruct you on the differences and how to be successful in private executive protection.

After you finish all parts of the online course, you will enroll for a final exam to be done online. This test is to ensure that you understand the principles and the specificities of doing close protection in the public sphere - in line with IAPPA standards.

Upon approval, your printed certificate and your PEPA badge will be sent to you and you will have the opportunity to create a log to qualify for CCPA®, the elite seal of close protection worldwide.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for the Personal Protection Agent certification are transparent and only a few exceptions can be made. This is important to ensure the value of being certified by IAPPA. These are: 

- Former police or military personnel with training and practical experience in close protection 
- Private contractors or employees with related but uncertified training and/or at least 2 years of proven full-time

experience in close protection in total.

In case you do not have documented proof of the requirements but you do have the prerequisites to become certified as a private executive protection services, you may still apply. A screening interview with a IAPPA instructor might be needed for acceptance into the program though.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

There are no astronomic costs with us. We want you to get the recognition you have earned, not to get rich selling meaningless certificates to anyone willing to pay.

IAPPA/ISSDA/WSPA members pay 119,- EUR
Non-members pay 159,- EUR

This is an all-inclusive price. There are no extra fees for testing, re-testing, shipping, etc. Support from our team at the Training and Education Division is also included. Our mission is to set and promote uniform, high standards in our profession. We want you to succeed and become a positive ambassador for our industry.

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out the form below today. Upload your supporting documentation with the application form. That's it!