Our certificates for your career success!

The international Association of Personal Protection Agents certificate program is considered a milestone in the security industry because your professional achievements will be rewarded with one of our certificates. We offer an opportunity for career success to those who have a great deal of experience in the profession, but have received little evidence in the form of certificates.  

We honor the worker who has been in the industry for years, but may have few or no certificates to show for it because there was neither time nor money. Or the soldier who, for example, has spent many years in the military in the security field and at the end of his service can only show his military career! Are these less good or qualified employees than the one who has 20 online certificates but has only completed a handful of actions? Absolutely not! We want to honor these people and give them the opportunity to apply for one of our certificates.

Our certificates are worth something and are recognized internationally because IAPPA is not some association "selling" any certificates. We have decades of experience, professionalism and experienced experts in all fields.   

Membership in IAPPA is not required for this. However, we are always happy to welcome new members to our international community. 

In 4 Steps to your Certification. And here is how it works:

Step 1: You apply and for one of our certificates with
the complete documents and a professional CV. 

Step 2: Each application will be reviewed individually by an examining board. 

Step 3: Your printed certificate will be shipped.

Important notes:

1.) You have been working in the area for which you are applying for certification for at least 3 years!

2.) All information is truthful and verifiable!