Join one of the oldest and most recognized
organizations for Close Protection worldwide

As a member of IAPPA, you benefit from the experience and connections of colleagues who have been involved in all aspects of the security industry for over 30 years. At the same time, you support a unique quality campaign for uniform quality standards worldwide to protect the image of our industry.

These are just some of the benefits of membership in IAPPA:

- Become part of the elite with worldwide recognition

- Advance your career with exclusive IAPPA membership and our trainings

- Access to different areas of security and law enforcement

- Secure the best jobs through a large global network

- Become knowledgeable through interactions with experts in the field

- Expand and update your knowledge with our manuals, webinars and checklists

Can anybody join?

The answer is a clear no... The International Association of Personal Protection Agents has been in existence for over three decades and is committed to quality. Our members benefit from a strong network and each new member must be an asset to all. That's why you can't become a member by simply paying a fee, as is common with other organizations. We don't want to be the biggest organization - we stand for quality and competence of all our members.

What is the procedure?

You must first fill out the application form below. Your information must be truthful and verifiable. False information will lead to rejection. The first year's fee is due with your application and will be sent to the President's office, who will review your application and make the decision to accept you into IAPPA. Additional supporting documentation may be requested. The review and acceptance process takes approximately one week. After that, you will receive your acceptance or rejection letter.

What if I get rejected?

Any rejected application will be refunded. However, we reserve the right to withhold a 50% processing fee in the event of incorrect information.